1 March 2017: INNODERM publication in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging

Our second INNODERM publication is out, this time from Consortium partner TUM. In this paper, published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, the authors describe the use of optoacoustic dermoscopy (optoacoustic mesoscopy for dermatology) on fast and deep skin imaging in vivo

Schwarz, M., Soliman, D., Omar, M., Buehler, A., Ovsepian, S. V., Aguirre, J., & Ntziachristos, V. (2017). Optoacoustic Dermoscopy of the Human Skin: Tuning Excitation Energy for Optimal Detection Bandwidth with Fast and Deep Imaging in vivo. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging36(6), 1287–1296. https://doi.org/10.1109/TMI.2017.2664142