31 August 2021: All good things must come to an end

Today, August 31. 2021, marks the official end of the INNODERM project. For 5+ years (we got 6 extra months together due to the pandemic) our excellent consortium composed of iThera Medical GmbH, Sonaxis SA, Rayfos Ltd, Humanitas University, and led by the Technical University of Munich, has worked tirelessly to improve dermatology healthcare by creating a novel, non-invasive label-free optoacoustic diagnostic device. The prototype Raster-Scanning Optoacoustic Mesoscopy (RSOM) device has already been shown to be incredibly effective at diagnosing and monitoring skin and cardio-metabolic diseases and is being used in clinics as a research tool around the world.

From the EU H2020 Photonics 21 funded project, we have produced 21 peer-reviewed papers, participated in over 100 dissemination and communication related activities (e.g., conferences, workshops, webinars, interviews, summer schools), filed three new patents, won many awards for INNODERM-related work, and are in the process of commercializing two new devices for the clinical market. Overall, a success!

Our consortium worked so well together, that in 2019, based on new insights about the capabilities of the RSOM, we decided to apply for a follow-up project through EU Horizon 2020. The proposal was granted and in January 2020, the WINTHER project (Grant no. 871763) began. We are happy that the end of the INNODERM project doesn’t mean the end of our pursuits to improve individualized healthcare and we look forward to continuing bringing more innovative optoacoustic devices to the market in the future. To follow our progress with WINTHER, visit the new project website https://winther.munichimaging.eu.